My prose is disenchanted with life. It is emotional. It always takes a stance, but this choice does not have to correspond to social stereotypes. The conduct of my heroes is perverse and this is something which readers with traditional values may not stomach and therefore reject the call of unreserved imagination. The characters sketched in my books escape, wander, hide and do not find responsibility to their liking. They are simply “back-to-front” (the expression was coined in The Verdict). They are intransigent in their contrariness, they are unbearably stubborn, at times inflexible. They even wish to forsake their awareness. They deafen their conscience. They are notorious travellers, hoping that by being away from home they may outdistance themselves, invalidate their fears and dismiss fate.

My novels are seen as portraits of injured people. They differ, they belong to different places and they live in different worlds. But they are all trapped, imprisoned. Their common denominator is their need to escape from monotony, indifference and their own demons. Rebellion brings a brief spell of liberty, but this is only feigned freedom and does not lead to happiness. Everything is surrounded by the city of Cracow, a city abounding in colour, scents and memories of the past.

Five years ago I decided to try to flee from destiny. One way of achieving this was by writing. My stories and novels underwent many metamorphoses and none of these versions may be seen as final until publication. As I work on them I come across more and more new ideas and this leads to additional scenes, the grafting of new trains of thought and the reworking of large fragments of text. For some time I have been addicted to writing. For the past three years I have belonged to that unhappy (ever growing and more frustrated) group of people addicted to writing but not satisfied with writing simply for one’s own pleasure. Nor would I be happy with acting as my own publisher. For this reason I send my work to publishing houses. Two publishers became seriously interested, both of them in The Wall, but finally no contract was signed. The burden and joy of being published for the time is taken over, unexpectedly, by my thirty-page story entitled Field 16 (“Pole 16”), which was published in November 2009 by “AMEA” in an anthology called Don’t Ask About Poland (Nie pytaj o Polskę). ”

I’m still running away, visiting the world and writing.

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